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String Less XML Paving Lines: Vertices Dependent VS Curve Geometry

Question asked by CAMERON TOMKINS on Apr 16, 2019



We have been producing string less files for different contractors for several years now, and have pushed out files for Leica, Topcon, and Trimble. In regards to Leica String less files exports, we have been exporting out Land XML files based on the line strings from our Corridor, below is that process:

  1. Create Corridor
  2. Explode Corridor
  3. Convert the break line form the corridor into a Alignment 
  4. Export out Paving Lanes in a XML format after Alignment conversion. 
  5. Send to Machine.


That process has been working very well, and we have not had any complaints. 


However recently we have been asked if it would be possible to have the paving lane lines be based on horizontal and vertical curvature as opposed to vertices based. 


I'm curious if TBC has a feature that would allow you to create a "best fit" horizontal and vertical alignment based off of a 3D line string?  I have heard that some software's have a command that would do something like this. Bentley (Element Regression) Carlson (Feature Line Processing). I have not actually used those commands at all, I'm just hoping that maybe TBC has something of the sort?


Any help would be appreciated, with paving season ramping up this will become a hot item shortly. 


I'm able to provide my previous string less exports if that helps at all. 



Cameron Tomkins