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How to convert .job file to .csv without TBC or Trimble access

Question asked by Michelle Clanahan on Apr 24, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2020 by James McWha

Is there a way I can (a) convert geoid elevations to Australian Height Datum and (b)  convert a .job file to a .csv without Trimble Access or a licensed version of TBC.  Sorry - a very basic questions.  I am a relative beginner with Trimble, but urgently need to use data from a survey i finished yesterday.  I normally download my data as a .csv in Trimble Access, but someone else downloaded it for me and I can't access the .job file.  It is a public holiday tomorrow so I don't have access to our uni's licensed version of TBC, I have tried downloadign TBC and using the unlicensed version, but that will not allow me to export the data.  Even if I can just convert to a .csv i can convert geoid elevations to ADH using other methods.  Thanks for the help.