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Graphics Issue - Help ....

Discussion created by Alan Sharp on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by Marshall Cant

Is anyone having an issue with the Highlight Colors of the Toggle Switches at the base of the screen not showing Yellow when selected / enabled? I have a User with a Dell Laptop and an AMD Ratheon Graphics Card that is having issues with the icons staying Grey no matter which mode they are in (On or Off) and I am trying to find out if others are having the same issue and if so have you resolved it and if so how?


I have tried to get them to upgrade to 5.00.02, to upgrade their Windows Version and all of the Dell and AMD Drivers and I am still getting the same issue. Development say they may have fixed this in 5.1 (they did something to solve something similar) and hope that that is a fix and I will try that with the User this week, but I have never seen this and cannot see what else to change that may fix the issue.