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TBC Request_External Reference

Question asked by Eric Condemilicor on May 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by Wayne Welshans

We have a centralized modeling department in our region here. I have 2 modelers plus me and we are all taking care of 10-20 jobs at a time doing topo submittals, as built, certifications, sometimes design, machine controls and modelings. Most of the time for a new project, the CAD came within a week before the job starts so I have my guys divide the modeling task and combine it later. One guy will be doing cleanup and layering, others will start the roads, utilities or site modeling..etc.. We will give the project enough work for 2-4 weeks and then move to other projects then circle back to that model. Once all put together, maybe one person can finish up the job all the way with revisions along the way. The goal is to make sure that no one is waiting for us. This routine is really good for us especially if one modeler is on vacation, other modeler is somewhat familiar with the project already with just a few discussions and he/she is good to go.


The problem is putting the linework back together is a big task. You have to identify which is old from the master TBC and delete then replace it with linework (vcl) from the other TBC. It also slowing our TBC down because the files get larger and larger.


External Reference will be perfect for this one if Trimble adds it to TBC with the functions below.

1. Have a master TBC that has all the controls, calibration, site map (optional), and field data center and the only one connect to TCC.

2. Secondary TBC(s) will serve as the external reference to the Master TBC that can be turn off/on as needed so it won't slow your PC down. Also, have an option to bind or attach selected linework as needed instead of import/export vcl.

3. Xref TBC linework (vcl), TTM, PRO and alignment can be used also to create design in "Field Data" from the Master TBC.