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TBC Tunnel design, template positions, Asbuilt points and Volume point cloud

Question asked by CARLOS RUIZ SALA on May 14, 2019
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by James McWha

We are calculating/checking tunnel progress and volumes through point clouds data in TBC, first time using the module. We got the data we were looking for but we still having some issues with the Tunnel module


1. about template positions, they way we are supposed to apply locations for templates doesn't work, please see picture TP1, we only can see TunnelB designed mesh (red)....
the way I found it work is the way we can see in picture TP2 by defining the end of template 1mm less than the beginning of next template, now we can see 3 templates but, we noticed the templates are not "connected", please see TP3.
My guessing is that the templates must be connected or joint so we could see different meshes in one piece without space between them
Any idea or tip to solve this?? Thanks


2.about As-built point, maybe next issue is related to previous one, maybe. Looking at picture ABP1, one of our point clouds goes through 3 different templates but TBC options when assigning tunnel as-built points only allow me to create point in one shape, TBC doesn't even let you choose template. Is this the way it works??? Can we not create as-built points between different templates?? so then what i did is go by sections(shape) and get different reports...Am I missing something, doing it wrong way or is just the way the software works??? Thanks
If I try to add as-built point for a different shape then TBC deletes previous one, please see picture ABP2 and  ABP3


3.volume report, when going to do our volume report, we can see how is not using our templates stations
we can see in ABP1 how we have end of station as-built points, our cloud doesn't include beginning of template so is ok don't have a station beginning as-built point
Lets see ABP4 now, we are trying go get as-built point on this section so we can see how it create points at 606.63 but not includes them on as-built points table, neither when creating tunnel as-built report... any idea or any possible mistake done during the process??? it could be related about our template positions??? thanks
but, we can see how is including the end of the template position 614.50 (TBC includes this end of section(shape) even if the station end is not even with our interval, if our end of station would be 614.35 TBC will show/include it on the table)
When we generate Tunnel as-built report, we don't see in as-built table points the beginning station, we've seen this at previous step, and now we don't even have the end of the template station, please see ABP5. so our volumes are missing beginning and end stations between our even intervals. We solved this by creating more reports between beginning of templates positions and first even interval and between last even interval and end of template which is not very productive and time consuming. Any idea about just create asbuilt point between different templates or shapes from point cloud?? Any idea about include all points, specially end and beginning of template, in as-built report for volumes???


Hopefully we can solve this issues as we will have more of these calculations and tunnels to work with
many thanks to everyone