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Terrasync not logging points/verticies

Question asked by David Thomson on May 20, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by David Thomson

We have been using a Trimble Yuma1 for about a decade.  The OS is Vista, but Trimble no longer offers the Win7 upgrade software so it will stay Vista.  It works with a ProXT antenna (mapping grade).  


Someone gave us a Trimble Yuma1 with the Win7 OS and a ProXH antenna.  Both run Terrasync.  I tried out the newer Yuma1 with the ProXH antenna recently and it would allow me to create a file, try to collect features (point, line, polygon), and appear to be collecting data except for the point/vertex counter stays at "0" (zero).  And when I try to close the feature it says I've not collected any data.  


I thought this might be a settings error so I checked the logging settings and GPS parameters, and I think I have them correct.  A licensed surveyor who has used Terrasync in the past had a look and he thought I had the settings correct as well.  


So I checked the antennae, and the ProXT and ProXH both work with the old Yuma1 (running Vista), but neither works with the new Yuma1 (running Win7).  So I think its a software problem on the new Yuma1.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?