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Still cannot export from Realworks to ReCap

Question asked by Laura Scarisbrick on May 22, 2019
Latest reply on May 22, 2019 by Laura Scarisbrick

We are running RealWorks Advanced-Modeler Version We have an activated ReCap Pro license. When I attempt to export a cloud from Realworks to a RCP file, I get the message "Exporting point cloud to ReCap RCP file..." in the status bar for about 7 seconds, then it returns to "Ready"

No RCP file is created. Two empty folders are created, one named "temp" and one named "[cloud name] Support"


Do I need to reinstall a plugin or something to get this working? We need this export for our work flow.

Our current method of exporting to gridded e57 then importing/indexing in ReCap takes a long time.


Thanks for your help.