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Variable Height Surcharge

Question asked by Tysen Ellison on May 29, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by Tysen Ellison

I am trying to figure out how to quickly calculate a surcharge depth based on FG at CL to OG along a corridor.  Attached is an example of what I'm trying to figure out.  


Surcharge depth is based on the difference of FG to OG times 0.45.  And as you go up and down the corridor the depth changes.  The way I was able to get close seems entirely to difficult.  Also, not exactly correct.  I remember something similar we did at PUG.  But with the wall height times 0.80 to get the excavation width.  


I attempted to create a quick model with a alignment/vertical and a OG surface.  In my example I was able to get my nodes to move up and down and in and out based on depth as shown as node 1 and 2.  Node 3 is a mirror of 1 and 2.  But that is where I am stumped.  How to calculate the x 0.45 of the variable depth without going through all of the additional steps.  And get it exact not just half the depth like in the example.  (I'm pretty sure thats what I came up with).  


Any help from the pro's out there would be awesome!!





Alan Sharp