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Feature Request - Uitilities - Create Utility Line

Question asked by Patrick L'heureux on Jun 3, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2019 by Alan Sharp

The create utility line from a linestring needs an option for the user to select what the vertical location of the selected lines are:



  • Top of pipe
  • center of pipe
  • Invert
  • Bottom of pipe (OD)


Then TBC uses the properties of of the site improvement selected, the pipe is created accurately.


Typically, you are not going to have a line that represents the center of the pipe run. It will either be:

  • top of pipe (recording shots as it is installed either from layout foreman or excavators)
  • bottom of pipe (conduit is an example where the trench may be dug and the layout foreman is able to go through and shot the bottom before pipe is installed)
  • invert shots ( drainage and sewer, layout foreman is able to record accurate shots on inverts by popping covers and recording shots). 




This process is especially a pain when a TBC user is using linework from field crews that represents the top of pipe.(Something I am doing right now)


Current Process:

  1. Import linework from the field
  2. Look up specs of material
    1. Thickness
    2. ID
  3. Use offset to offset the line to the center of pipe
    1. Now I have an additional, unnecessary line
    2. I can either keep or delete
  4. Use the create Utility Line function to create the pipe run


Steps 2 and 3 could definitely be eliminated and speed up the process.



Thank you!

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