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Entering Title Block Text in Sheet View

Discussion created by Richard Tyndall on Jun 3, 2019
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We're working towards completing as many deliverables straight away out of TBC as we can without finishing up in ACAD. However, I'm either doing something wrong or completely misunderstand the functionality (probably both). Anyway, it was my understanding that any text entered/edited in a sheet view level would only propagate downstream. i.e.  Text entered in Plan Set would propagate to the Sheet Set and Sheet. Text entered/edited in Sheet Set would propagate to the Sheet, but not upstream to the Plan Set. And any text entered/edited on the Sheet view would only appear on that sheet and would not propagate anywhere upstream or anywhere else for that matter.


Unfortunately, that is not what I am seeing.


For example;


I added the custom sheet set (D) BURIED FOUNDATION (and spelled buried wrong) with two custom sheets (E & F). I had place holder text "XXXXXX" in the bottom right corner block. I changed the information in that block for Sheet (E) and the text in that block changed on each and every sheet in the plan set (A through H). The only way I can keep the text from propagating upstream or left/right is to completely delete the text at the Sheet level and re-typing from scratch. Is this the intended functionality? It seems it would be much more intuitive to setup the sheet templates with placeholder text at the Plan Set or Sheet Set level and simply edit the text on the Sheet level as/if needed. 



Please advise. Thanks.