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Hidden UCS geometry from imported DGN file?

Question asked by Tysen Ellison on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2020 by Anders Skipper

I have imported a designer .dgn file.  Cleaned it up and sent the .dxf linework file out to the field.  I then get this picture from my guys.

Obviously not correct

Here is that same line before he selects it:


Before selecting the line to stake


After seeing this I looked into my TBC file.  What I found was this hidden property on that line.


Hidden Geometry


Now the big issue besides the layout problem is I am unable to find a way to check for this property on a project wide selection.  Instead I have to check each line one by one.  Only a few lines have this property.  The majority do not.  The only way I have been able to fix these is to draw a "dummy" line next to the line.  Then join the new line to the funky one.  And then break the dummy line off and delete it.  


Is there some sort of way to remove this UCS property on mass?  Or at least be able to quickly find the ones with this property to fix manually?  I found this issue on a few lines of barrier after I did a project cleanup.  What happened there was the lines were removed from the correct location and the easting now had a negative in front so it basically became a westing.  And was in the wrong northing.  LOL.  


Any help from the community would be awesome.




PS:  I've attached a .vcl of my linework if someone wants to take a look.

PSS:  Won't let me attach my .dxf field linework file......