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how do i get tbc 5.10 to read a gis geodatabase?

Question asked by ken burns on Jun 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by Tom Harrison

i have created a feature code library (fxl) by "Get GIS Schema" through the TBC GIS module. I have edited the fxl file for feature codes, attributes, levels and so forth. From the data collector, I export survey data to a trimble job xml file. I then process the survey data using the fxl file making sure that there are no errors within the data set. Then using the TBC GIS module, I use the "GIS Connection Manager", to connect to the gis geodatabase. I next use "Read Features from GIS" to read the geodatabase. When the process is finished reading the gis, I can scroll through the listed feature types, and I can see that not all of the features from the gis have been read.The only features that are read, are those features that are not in the survey job.