Ross McAtamney

Option to put extracted trees into own region

Discussion created by Ross McAtamney on Jun 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2019 by Joshua Cho

It would be great to be able to identify and turn off individual trees in a point cloud, for cases such as removing them from underneath where a building design might be placed or identifying what effect trees would have if they were cut down.


We can extract the tree information manually and automatically from a point cloud which is great for 2D plans however it would be handy if we could have an extra option in the Extract Point Feature dialogue allowing users to put the points associated with that tree into its own region in the same process, possibly a subset of the vegetation region.


This could be as simple as putting a cylinder around the diameter and from ground level to the height of the tree, and putting the points in that cylinder to its own region. Overlap for each tree isn't a huge concern as you really are identifying the area the tree is in itself (we could manually tidy overlap up if needed). Each tree would need to still be identified by the overall region though to ensure the complete tree is captured and not a smaller slice.