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Coordinate Transformations - Imported Objects

Question asked by John Mill on Jun 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by Sudam Fernando

I've got multiple TBC Jobs for (generally) daily Surveys over the last 3 years,

Exported VCL Files by Project Link Explorer with subsets of data (and attached As Built Photos - which is why I'm going down this route at the moment)


Imported these VCL Files into a Combined As Built TBC Job


The Client then wants Data (in both Electronic and CAD hardcopy) in TWO different Coordinate System (Original Design and the Local Authority GIS) - NZ Datum 2000 Mt Eden and NZ Datum 2000 TM - direct relationships.


If I use Project Explorer and Change Coordinate Systems I get some points NOT transforming with the ERROR:

"Some points could not be computed due transformation errors. Check your actual coordinate system settings"


An imported csv set of Design Coordinates transforms ok but VCL Objects  will NOT,


I've gone back to the source TBC files and can transform the Surveys OK,


Any si=uggestions?