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Coordinate Transformation of VCL Files

Question asked by John Mill on Jun 23, 2019

I have numerous TBC jobs generally by daily Surveys (over the last 3 years) from which I've extracted VCL Project Link as I want to retain Photographs with their associated As Builts,


I've then imported these Job Link files into a "Combined Job" for a compilation to produce an As Built set of data (both Plan and electronic),


The Client requires the Data Sets in two seperate Coordinate Systems (the Design Set and basically a GIS Set for the Local Council) - NZ Mt Eden Datum 2000 and NZTM Datum 2000 directly linked.


If I change Coordinate Systems in project explorer the imported Objects/points won't transform (but an imported csv file will)

Error meesaage "Some Points could not be computed due to transformation errors. Check your actual coordinate system settings"


I have gone back to the "source" TBC jobs and I can Transform the data OK in those.


As a seperate issue also DXF/DWG CAD Files imported won't transform either - they're underlying Cadastral Data sets


Any suggestions please?