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Is there a way to turn off all the pop-up notifications in Trimble Siteworks and/or Trimble scs900 tablet edition?

Question asked by Greg Timmons on Jun 24, 2019



The pop-up saying "GPS point not saved" or "RTK X-fill is now active". All the pop-up messages are very annoying.  I'd like the ability to remove them!  Or put out in "professional mode".  I can see when a point isn't saved, I can see when I lose signal.  I don't need pop-up messages, especially ones that cover the screen and I can't see thru them!  Other messages have buttons you must press on order to clear them.  Why force these things instead of having options or settings to remove them?  Battery notifications should be optional too.


I work for a company that uses both Trimble and Topcon.  Topcon doesn't waste my time with messages like Trimble does.


There are other things that annoy me with Trimble.  While moving around, the screen doesn't stay centered.  It just waits until you move nearly off screen, then recenters the screen. Why?  It's a waste of time to adjust the screen every time you need it centered, which is all the time!


Trimble doesn't allow you to create your own layers and requires you have a laptop to do that or anything special.


Trimble steakout points can't be changed to something other than a x.  You can't change the colors either.  I know these things are possible if you have a laptop.