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Open and save projects with Trimble Connect for Desktop?

Question asked by Guest on Jun 25, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2020 by Jouni Mäkinen

In TeklaBIMsight, it is possible to open and save Tekla BIMsight project (.tbp) files and BIM Collaboration Format (.bcf) files to exchange whole projects and to-dos to other project members working off-CDE. Where has this feature gone in Trimble Connect for Desktop (freeware version)? And where has the Add files... -button gone in Trimble Connect? If it's only possible to exchange projects, models and bcf files to other team members via cloud (Trimble Connect full version), why should I bother using Trimble Connect Desktop at all on site computers without CDE connection? As long as this problem is not resolved, TeklaBIMsight is being used on local (construction site) workstations, and not Trimble Connect for Destop. Maybe a TeklaBIMsight - Trimble Connect synchronisation feature or add-in could help.