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How to move Side Slope Elevations from horizontal nodes to vertical nodes?

Question asked by Marc DeMers on Jun 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2019 by Marc DeMers

Is there a workflow to change the elevation component of side slope linestrings from the horizontal nodes to the vertical nodes?


I have a take off that I am using the Create Side Slope command to build out curb and gutter geometry. The elevations are noted at the front of gutter. Creating the template for the curb structure was simple as advertised. One issue I have is the the front of gutter on outside radii are squared off while the curb continues on the radius. The side slope command squares off the curb and gutter linestrings to match the front of gutter. This shouldn't be incredibly difficult to fix, just edit the linestings inserting PI Arcs with the necessary radii. The problem with this approach is that the created linestrings  have their elevations tied to their horizontal rather than their vertical element. Many times changing the corners from straight to arcs is limited by horizontal nodes that are only there to hold the elevation.