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Will the Best Fit Linestring sample macro be posted or uploaded to TMLStatus?

Question asked by Quan Mueller on Jun 26, 2019

I installed this sample macro during PUG 2.0 (April 2019) and I'm not finding it on this forum or when I run TMLStatus.


In TMLStatus, my copy shows up as a "local" TML - i.e. it's not registered w/ Rockpile yet.


It seems like a neat macro - is Trimble going to post it on these forums or upload it to Rockpile?


For a moment, I thought it had been turned into a command - there's a "Best Fit Line" command, but that's apparently a Geospatial command that takes points as inputs instead of a linestring.


I was also looking for some description of what it does (or how it works) and tried Help (F1), but nothing came up.  So a post talking about it would be helpful/interesting.


I have a copy of the .py and .xaml already, so I'm fine - but if others might find it helpful, or it breaks later, it'd be nice to see it on the forums or better yet, in TMLStatus.