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Will the Best Fit Linestring sample macro be posted or uploaded to TMLStatus?

Question asked by Quan Mueller on Jun 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2020 by Quan Mueller

I installed this sample macro during PUG 2.0 (April 2019) and I'm not finding it on this forum or when I run TMLStatus.


In TMLStatus, my copy shows up as a "local" TML - i.e. it's not registered w/ Rockpile yet.


It seems like a neat macro - is Trimble going to post it on these forums or upload it to Rockpile?


For a moment, I thought it had been turned into a command - there's a "Best Fit Line" command, but that's apparently a Geospatial command that takes points as inputs instead of a linestring.


I was also looking for some description of what it does (or how it works) and tried Help (F1), but nothing came up.  So a post talking about it would be helpful/interesting.


I have a copy of the .py and .xaml already, so I'm fine - but if others might find it helpful, or it breaks later, it'd be nice to see it on the forums or better yet, in TMLStatus.