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Large number of views issue

Question asked by Paul Jennings on Jul 1, 2019

I have a project in TC that has a large number of views, 177 in total.


The project consists of 29 files with 79MB of data. We have many more projects with much more data but less views and have no issues at all.

I have also created a test project with just the model files in and with no views and the problem doesn't seem to exist.


Continued use of TCD seems to be very jumpy in this project. I try and create/edit views in this project and teh screen constantly blacks out on me before resume a few seconds later. I have also noticed that when I try to place annotations in the views I am unable to after 3-5 annotations to then add anymore. I need to log out and back in to TCD to be able to continue marking up the model views.


Is this a known issue? It's very important for our workflow that the number of views has no negative impact as these are build sequences and need to be accessible and updated by site teams both using TCD and TCM.