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TBC Site Calibration Issue "GNSS base points [1000] are not derived from global GNSS positions"

Question asked by Kevin Clarke on Jul 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2019 by Kevin Clarke

Please help,

I keep getting the following message:


"GNSS base points [1000] are not derived from global GNSS positions; therefore, GNSS points measured from these base points are not available for the site calibration.
If the points are derived from local coordinates, one solution is to change local coordinates to global coordinates at points [1000]. To do this, right-click the local coordinate in the Project Explorer and select Change Local to Global. The coordinate type will be changed without transforming values.
Another solution is to disable grid/local coordinates or terrestrial stations for these base points. For either of these solutions, click No to cancel the site calibration.


Do you want to continue with the site calibration without these GNSS points?"


However, the base point does have a global position and my field crew has already calibrated the site . My issue is that I need to adjust the calibration and I keep getting the above error message. The strangest thing of all is that this issue is intermittent, sometimes I can edit the calibration and some times I cant. The field procedures are identical on all jobs. Use Here position to set base, then calibrate to one or two record points to get orientated and then find the remaining boundaries corners. If staking is required, I review here in office make adjustments and send back to filed for staking.


I have clearly identified how the problem starts in TBC. When they work a job that has a calibration that can be edited in the office, when I go to project explorer and open up the imported .JXL I see in order all the record points sent to the field then the FXL file message, then the little satellite image that represents a here position has been established and then directly below it a base symbol showing the base was set on the GNSS position. When things do not work there is no satellite symbol before the base. I have even tried having the crew log data at the base so I can import it to guarantee a GNSS position and it still does not work.


Please see attached image showing a non working .JXL file.


If any further information is needed let me know.


Thank you in advance to anyone who can help,