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TBC .spj WO Point Export Vs. SCS Report Utility

Question asked by Ryan Lepke on Jul 15, 2019
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Is there a way to export points (N,E, ele, D) as a .csv from TBC and sort the points by date captured (not by name)?

I'm looking for a work around from using the SCS Report Utility.xlsm via SCS Data Manager. Using the Report Utility on work orders that have a large amount of data will break the Utility. I've watched it run for several minutes (25,000+ lines of data) and then only to end with a Microsoft Visual Basic - Run-time error '1004': - PasteSpecial method of Range class failed. See below:


Report Utility MVB Run-time error '1004'


Although the WO only has a few hundred captured topo points that I want to extract - the SCS Report Utility goes and reads every single line of data that's in the TaskLog.txt! Seeing the residuals and timestamps are great - but having to recreate WO's that are limited by the amount of data the ReportUtility can handle is a real PITA. This has been an issue for us for a long time BTW. So, my only work around using the ReportUtility/SCS Data Manager Vs. TBC and drop in the .spj is to keep the WO's small and keep recreating new ones often. 


Attached is one of many TaskLog.txt that has this data size issue. It would be great to create this same Report via TBC from the .spj file. We're using the same WO for layout of blast holes & then come back post blast to capture as-built hole locations. (This is what I'd like to do - keep all the blast data to a single WO) I've since created separate WO's for layout & topo, and keep for just a single blast & then have to create another WO for each and every blast (We're blasting rock a few times a week for a long time).  So now I'm going to have over a 100 WO's to sort through over the next 3 years of the project. (This is what I did on my last project - but was too much busy work IMHO)scs report utility#.spj


Suggestions? Thanks Allan (Ahead of time - )