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Where can I find point metadata from an spj?

Question asked by Patrick L'heureux on Jul 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by Steve DiBenedetto

Is there a place that I can find point metadata in TBC?


Items such as:

  • Operator Name
  • Time
  • Date
  • Target Height



If these are not available in TBC can we please make them? 


I am currently trying to create a bill for a project where left material on site for the customer. When I import the spf files, the measured date comes in as the date that the file was last modified for the spf surface. Which in this case is the last time the user synced to TCC. Ideally I would like this to be the date of the last point measured. 


I tried to go into the point metadata but I could not find this within TBC.