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SCS Report utility - Quick Release

Question asked by Erik Petersen on Aug 13, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2019 by Erik Petersen

In the report utility it shows the Antenna Height as 6.562, even when the quick release is enabled, shouldn't this be 6.692? Without looking at the Report tab to see if they have a quick release enabled when they setup, is there a way to add an option in the Record tab that shows if the quick release was enabled or have the antenna height show the actual height, 6.692, with it enabled? 


If I have to dig through their report to see if its enabled I could basically be guessing if they had it enabled or not and my elevations could be off if I have to change the elevations of the shot I would like to know the actual height of the rod they had at that moment.


Let me know if this doesn't make sense