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Converting a Linestring to an RXL file for Staking.

Question asked by Thomas Mauriello on Aug 13, 2019

We stake the 3d TBC linestrings (Curb, EP,etc) with Trimble Access by converting them to Alignments and using- Export >Corridor>Rxl road exporter from alignment.


I have attached some snaps below to illustrate.

First you have to Name and Create each Alignment.

Next You have to :Export >Corridor>Rxl road exporter from alignment. Which means you name the linestring for a third time by the time you have the RXL you need for staking.

These RXL's are great for staking curb since they contain all the VPI, PI, PC,PT information not to mention a grade at any station on the RXL. We keep the 2D line work active in the background for staking radius points and catching HC ramps etc.

Could this be streamlined somehow?

One suggestion is a toggle enabling the data to remain in the Create Alignment menu every time one is created. ("Layre and "use an existing line")

Or add an export "Linestring to RXL"


Thanks, Tom