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IBSS Advantages and Disadvantages

Question asked by Sam Williams on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2019 by Filip Slavnic



We are looking to set up a site soon where we will be using up to 8 3D machine control systems, plus 2 rovers for surveying. The cell coverage is good across the site, however the cost of VRS for each machine is racking up and not all machines will be 100% utilised for machine control tasks.


I am aware that we could use a system called IBSS (Internet base station service) through TCC to send the RTK corrections from our SPS855 base station to the machines and rovers. Radio is the preferred option however there a numerous large hills that would block the signal and I prefer not to use repeaters where possible.


Does anyone have any experience of using this system and what out the advantages and disadvantages of it? Does it work with with Trimble Earthworks/ CAT grade machines?


The site is 10km end to end and the physical base will be positioned somewhere in the middle. What sort of accuracy would you expect at the extents? I am aware it diminishes with distance.


Also how does the refresh rate compare to VRS for machine control? is it as good as having a radio link or slower?


I'm hoping this solution could help make to reduce costs and increase our reliability on site.