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Need some advice an SCS900 and CB460 compatibility?

Question asked by Rob Jobson on Aug 20, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2019 by Andrew Lemoine

So....when in the past using SCS900. I can load a .dxf and .ttm file into create a design and surface.

this design was the site is calibrated can then be put on the machine control. CB460 in most cases in the UK at the moment. 

Now, all of a sudden...a message comes up saying ‘I’ve always done the same ‘export to machine’, CB460, design and calibration. These steps have always allowed my to easily transfer designs onto the CB460 with out any issues.

so basically the .bg and .tin that are exported no longer work?? 

I have TBC, access and other bits of kit and software that I can work around the issue and create .svl and .svd’s, but that just means my SCS900 logger and previous workflows are no longer working! Does anyone have an issue like this, or had one like this? Massive Help Needed!!


Note: I’ve also updated my firmware through Trimble installation manager. 


Kind Regards


Rob Jobson.