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How to limit cross sections to stations added to "Use additional locations"?

Question asked by John Hitchcock on Aug 21, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2019 by John Hitchcock

My apologies if this has been asked already.  I searched about 10 minutes with no luck, so if it's been answered can someone direct me to its location?  Thanks.


I'm trying to print cross sections at only the stations that I add to the list of "Use additional locations" in the "Cross-section Locations" section of the Cross Section Sheet Editor.  Although all options are unchecked except for "Limit by station range" and "Use additional locations", I'm getting unwanted stations.  Can cross sections be limited to only those entered as "Additional Locations"?  If so, how? 


I just realized that I'm still running 5.00.  I'm currently updating to 5.10.