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way to export to .JXL when I have GC points but no calibration file

Question asked by John Pearson on Aug 23, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2019 by Alan Sharp

I'm very new to TBC and have only used it in conjunction with Trimble Stratus to process my drone survey flights. Normally I just retrieve the .cal file from one of our guys Trimble rovers and convert that to a .JXL in TBC, however, my company isn't always the one contracted to calibrate the job site which has lead to issues requesting calibration files from other companies.


I've attached a PDF showing GPS data I'm able to collect with the Propeller Aeropoint GC's that I've been utilizing with Trimble Stratus. Is it possible to manually enter this data into TBC in a way that's exportable to .JXL? In the attached example I was able to put one of the GC's on a point whose coordinates I confirmed in the field with the surveying company but they insisted they had no calibration files they could provide me with which lead to this issue.


Trimble Stratus requires a .JXL be uploaded alongside my drones photos and GC data in order to begin processing so I'm trying to figure out a way to handle this all in-house when I'm not able to get what I need from my own guys.


I'd appreciate any guidance or resources anyone could provide.

Thank you.