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Transferring Points - from the Field to TBC and Back

Discussion created by Patrick L'heureux on Aug 28, 2019
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I am curious how other users handle points from the field software, both SCS900 and Siteworks or other, and the transfer between the field software and TBC. And potentially from TBC back to the field software.


This is something I have tried to improve over the years and have had some success but still have not perfected the process. Do other people have this issue or has someone found a sure way to keep things clean and organized?


Part 1 - Recording in the Field

When we initially started with Trimble we were trained to use the measure command when you were measuring stuff; stockpiles, utilities etc. Stakeout was more for QA/QC of staking a model surface. Yes you can use stakeout for recording points of a line but you get the tolerance screen that yells at you every time. You also do not get connecting points as a line (without the fancy codes that is). 


Are other people using measured points over stakeout points?  


The Advantages I have found to using Measure

  • Can have points connect automatically to create lines
  • Feature line Codes
  • Can use work orders to clean up data if need be
    • Typical work orders:
      • Site Cal
      • General Layout
      • As-Built Data
      • Stockpiles
  • Can still use a reference line for utilities



Part 2 - Sharing among other Data Collectors


We have a few projects that have multiple foreman on a project. Most of our projects will have more than one foreman that will be on a job. What is the easiest way of sharing point data? I could easily take all of the points from foreman 1 and dump them on one layer and work order to give to  foreman 2 but I feel like that is not helpful or productive. 


You can cut and paste work orders from from data collector to another but this also creates issues:

  • When  using TCC you have to be very strict on syncing
    • Foreman 1 syncs to the cloud
    • Data manager reallocates information from Foreman 1 to Foreman 2
    • Foreman 2 syncs to the cloud to grab data
    • Foreman 1 has to sync to the cloud to "give up" these works orders
      •  If not, Foreman 1 still has these work orders on their data collector and can add points
      • Then you get duplicate work orders with overlap
    • then Foreman 2 has to try and work through someone else stuff


I would rather take the time and clean up this data and present it to foreman 2 in a more usable way. I have to do this anyway for as-builts records, so I might as well provide it to the field crews.



  • Progress of job for supervisors and project managers on their data collectors or respective devices. Replace redlines on plans
  • More incentive to cleanup linework as you go
  • Better as-builts


The closest I have come to getting this more usable is to "connect the dots" and provide Foreman 2 with layered linework and then put all of foreman 1's points as stakeout points. However, this creates an all or nothing scenario for viewing previous points by toggling on and off the stakeout points.