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Trimble R1 GNSS Receiver and GNSS Status app overriding Geolocation API

Question asked by Jean-Nicholas Lanoue on Aug 28, 2019

Does anybody ever tried the solution presented by Andy Gup at the DevSummit with a Trimble R1 GNSS Receiver and the GNSS Status application in the background to override phones location services and use the data provided through bluetooth from the Trimble.


I installed the GNSS Status app, paired a Garmin Glo GPS with my iPhone Bluetooth, I saw the Glo in the available device in the GNSS Status app but when clicking on it, it loads but nothing happened. If I looked at the details from the app precision doesn't change and same thing in my webpage using Geolocation API. 


Is the GNSS Status iOS app, supposed to work with other devices then Trimble?

Can you pair other device from Trimble other then the R1 and still achieves the override in the Geolocation API?


Reference :

(see at the bottom External GPS)