Jesse Kozlowski

TBC Network Adjustment - 3 requests

Discussion created by Jesse Kozlowski on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2019 by Sean Lahann

#1) Please add the ability to create Variance Component Groups as we had in TrimNet Plus. We need to be able to treat GNSS observations differently depending on their type, such as static, RTK, VRS, etc. Also, if NGS does create the GNSS Vector Exchange (GVX) File Format, these observations can be grouped based on their lengths. Thank you!


#2) Please add back into the adjustment report the table called, "COORDINATE ADJUSTMENT SUMMARY" displaying the OLD and NEW values resulting from the last adjustment. We need to see the effect of fixing various control values. This is especially useful for finding ill-fitting control, but also for analyzing the local effects on the network when legacy control must be held fixed. We used to have a little executable we could run for TGO to add these extra tables into the network adjustment report that we had in TrimNet Plus.
Thank you. 


#3) Please allow the adjustment to proceed even when there are sub-networks so that we can find those points and make the corrections needed to edit those points and merge them into the over-all network. This will be very helpful on large projects with lots of data produced by many crews working simultaneously on very fast paced jobs. Thanks.