Ross McAtamney

Retain keep in / keep out point cloud selection

Discussion created by Ross McAtamney on Sep 2, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2019 by Robert Hoy

When using the keep in / keep out point cloud selection, it would be good to retain the left over points in the view (if there are some) to continue with breaking down the selection afterwards.


So for example if you create a subset of data around a power pole that have all be defined as building for some reason in the automation, and you want to put some of the points into a powerline region, some into the vegetation region, some into the default region, currently after each add to region or create region function is done all the points return to the view.


This makes sense if there are no points left in the view after shifting the data to a region, but if there are points left we should leave them in the view so they can be put into another region if needed. If a user wants to return all the data to view then they can select the restore or restore all function if needed.