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TBC 5.1 Point Cloud Import

Question asked by Ben Ryschon on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by Sean Lahann

In TBC 5.1 the point cloud import has seemed to get a new face lift in which I don't really care for.  I typically fly my sites using a P4 PRO and use Datumate to complete the processing.  In the past when I am on a site for example a borrow site in which I have a calibration completed ( like this one) I will use my rover to shoot in my ground targets then import the points from TBC to use to geo reference the site.  Then I kick out an .las and TBC prior to 5.0 0r 5.1 would import the point cloud data right into place.  Now it is trying to scale stuff and it is a little confusing.  It is my understanding that the .las files has the unit information so why can't TBC just read it and bring it in.  It looks like it is converting the coordinates to metric like the early versions of TBC did.  I tried importing the point clouds into 4.91 and they come in perfect.  So it looks like it is a metric conversion issue to me.  I attached one of the las files.  The project sits at approximately N:524800 E: 55780.  Any help would be great!