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Quick Release Issue in Siteworks

Discussion created by Chris Mata on Sep 5, 2019
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Has anyone run across an issue with Sitworks not adjusting for the for the quick release offset?

If not I hope the info below helps anyone that may encounter it...



A customer running a TSC7 with Siteworks (v1.03) and an SPS986 (v6.01) kept having issues being continuously a tenth high. After visiting the site I realized it was the notorious .14 off from the quick release offset. So we showed the customer were to select 'Yes' stating that the quick release was in use. Despite the change grade was still .14 off. 


In order to fix this I attempted to update the firmware for Siteworks to v1.10 and SPS986 to v6.02. Yet the issue persisted. After further inquiry the customer shared that he'd always selected the 'Yes' in his rover setup for the quick release. Then mentioned that the initial site calibration was performed without the quick release.


Ultimately this bit of info led to the final idea of deleting the site .XML file to clear the cache memory which resolved the quick release offset.