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Working with large Orthophoto Images from Point Clouds

Question asked by Adam Bower on Sep 7, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2019 by Alan Sharp

The project I'm working on had a drone flyover done, I received the point cloud, but also asked if I could be supplied with an image to work with. The guy who was processing it said that he could generate an ortho image but wasn't too sure how to use it as they are normally extremely large in size. I believe he was using TBC to export that. The image files he ended up supplying us were 11GB and 26GB. TBC wasn't able to handle these files, is there any way that I can reduce them to use them in TBC instead of the point cloud? 


My problem is that when I zoom in too far using the point cloud I see black spaces. I'd rather see an image that has a low resolution due to being zoomed in so far.