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Feature Request: Objects - Tweaks and rebar schedule

Question asked by Kenneth Eggan on Sep 8, 2019
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The "Objects" feature in Trimble Connect Desktop has proven to be very helpful. At the same time some small tweaks and added features could make it even better!


#1 First off is the possibility for more column manipulation - changing the width, hiding unused columns and removing the rightmost column as it only seems to be in the way (or did I miss something?):




As you see in this case, we frequent use "Object names" to sort the model. But to see the full text I have to enlarge the whole "Objects"-window stealing space from the model itself:



#2.  Adding columns and choose what TC should do with the values:


As shown in the screenshot above I can partly create a rebar schedule  with todays version. If one could choose to not sum the values - for example in the "Diameter" column above and be able to add the other properties that are already included in the IFC one would have an almost complete rebar schedule.

Add the possibility to export it as a .xls and voila!


#3. Filtering model properties

When manipulating the columns one should be able to search/filter the attributes as the models contains many of them - which you would have to scroll through with today’s solution:



I hope you can have a look at this Marko Myllymaa and Darshan Rajaram Kamat as I think this would help several of your users.