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MS955 Excavator 336 Earthworks Setup - Help!!!

Question asked by Scott Field on Sep 13, 2019

MS955 Excavator 336 Earthworks Setup -


I am trying to do a setup in my shop of the Excavator 336 Earthworks, Currently by the schematic I was given to assemble this in our service center, My coworker and myself are currently having issues trying to get this to work, I have attached the schematic of the excavator and a few pictures of what I am seeing on the TD520,

This is my first time going through this in my shop from start to finish and not really seeing this in the field or on an install is hampering our ability to get this fixed so any help would be great.

Currently equipped is the TD520, EC520, MS955 Receiver, Zephyr 3 AMP/VOL Box and cables per the schematic

Earthworks Schematic