Rowan Bird

TBC 5.10 Corridor feature - 'Target Material Layer'

Discussion created by Rowan Bird on Sep 19, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by Alan Sharp

Im working through some of the TBC tutorials regarding corridors and have completed the main 'working with corridors' tutorial shipped with the TBC help menu. 

With the release of TBC 5.10 I see that Alan Sharp Power User Group 2.0 Training Materials there is now the ability to sides slope to a material layer, which is fantastic for terminating a Subgrade surface to a Finish surface template layer. Im having trouble with TBC creating the inverse slope of the sideslope while terminating to the Finish surface (see below), it appears to be using the inverse slope of the 'node to node' option in the cut slope options. If i change the instruction type to 'offset/slope' and use the same 'node to node' option with the same node number, the resulting slope is correct. 


Side Slope option with inverse slope from node 9, derived by slope of 8 to 9


Offset/Slope option with correct slope from node 9, derived by slope of 8 to 9



Has anyone else had this problem?