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Discussion created by Melissa Calle Muñoz on Sep 20, 2019
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I'm developing a plugin for TASDK (and already watched all the youtube videos by Nico Becke  ) and im trying to change the type of input (see the image adjunt) right now it is a text that is export from the Feature Definition Manager. 
I want to know if its posible to change that kind of text by an image or the symbols modificating the Code with the TASDK or I have to change it from the Feature Definition Manager Code? Is it even exits? Some kind of API or SDK but in Feature Definition Manager…


And the other option or question is if I have to modificate the Feature Definition Manager code to change this code line that the .fxl archive send to Trimble Access to read it the type of code or symbols.

Thank you, for everything you can tell me about. I really apreciate it.