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Why is the company listed in my profile a company I've never heard of.

Question asked by Evan Bruns on Sep 20, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2019 by Ray Bagley

I'm trying to use Trimble Connect for the first time.  When trying to publish a model, it asked me to fill out more profile information.  I noticed that my company was already filled in, and I cannot edit it.  The problem here is, the company listed is not my company at all, nor have I ever worked for them or heard of them until now.  Upon googling them I found that they are a construction detailing firm in Tacoma, WA (I'm only an hour or so away from there in WA so, extra weird).  I don't even work for a detailer, I work for a general contractor.  I created this account myself as a brand new account not re-used from any previous time.


I'm completely dumbfounded as to why that company's name is associated with my account, but I'd sure like to remove it and put my company name in...  I've attached a photo of the screen where I'm seeing this.  I'm launching Trimble Connect from inside my sketchup pro "File" menu on my local computer.


Has this ever happened to anyone else?  How can I change my company name?