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Earthworks and Published Coordinate Systems

Question asked by Sam Williams on Sep 23, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by Ronny Schneider



I have encountered an issue with Earthworks/ CAT grade and exporting designs from TBC.


We currently have 3 machines working on a site in the UK, before we had TCC set up I manually set up a new projecton the machine and told earthworks to use a published coordinate system (OSGB36(15), OSTN15 and OSGM15). I then loaded a design via USB and all work working well.


This morning I have attempted to upload a design from TBC to TCC to be pulled down by the machine, my workflow was as followed:

  1. New TBC project
  2. Job site Manager > Select existing site>Select site (This step is a bit confusing as the next step is to select a job site from TCC but TBC wont let you move to the next step without first doing this)
  3. Select a project library>Type=TCC>Project=Existing>Project. Pulling the project from TCC shows the correct coordinate system parameters in the project settings.
  4. Create job site design in the normal way. Add surface, linework, ect.
  5. Publish to library.


The design now syncs to TCC and can be selected by the operators in the machines, however when they try to use the design the systems tells them "unable to load coordinate system". This has now rendered the systems useless and there is no way for me to correct it over TCC (this seems like a major flaw, there should be a way to re-select a published coordinate system in the web interface as the machines are a 2 hour drive away).


I have checked and the OSTN15.sgf and OSTN15.ggf files are present Geodata folder. My suppression is that the .cal file generated in TBC is not correctly pointing earthworks to these files in the Geodata folder. I am aware there have been issues getting siteworks and earthworks to play nicely with the UKs latest shift grid. Could this be the issue?


The file size of the .cal file seems very small, however if you import this cal file into TBC the correct coordinate system parameters are selected in project settings


Is the work flow described above correct?


Any ideas on how to fix this moving forward?


Kind Regards