Ross McAtamney

Issues exporting 2D elevation/vertical data from TBC

Discussion created by Ross McAtamney on Sep 25, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2019 by ben radford

I wanted to open this can of worms again as it seems that this has come up a couple of times previously and it seems that TBC is still having issues.


If we are looking at TBC being able to offer a complete CAD solution, this is a fairly fundamental process that needs to be addressed, especially when creating linework from scan data.


DWG/DXF Handling:


It would be nice to be able to export 2D vertical / elevation DWG and DXFs, this is still a fairly consistent request as some people getting data out of TBC don't want anything other than this. Currently we are only supporting Horizontal 2D exports and there is no option to select the vertical (even if we had a cutting plane set up to export from).



Orthophotos can’t export with text and linework on them, being able to export an orthophoto PDF with markups and linework on it would be good.



Text placed in TBC is only viewable top down, we don't seem to be able to view text data vertically to annotate elevations, vertical designs or even orthophotos. It would be nice if text placed was able to be viewed perpendicular to any view.


Dynaviews in Cutting planes:

When looking at using Dynaviews in cutting planes we c put a cutting plane manually into a dynaview by creating a shape in the dynaview and creating a dynaview using the shape. If we then use the dynaview in a plan we can see the data in the plan in TBC. However when we export it out the export contains the template and the dynaview shape, none of the data within the dynaview is exported.


So for example we created a vertical cutting plane against linework for a building, created a shape in the cutting plane and used that to create a dynaview. When we added this to a drafting template and created a sheet set we were able to see the data in the dynaview in TBC, however when exporting it out the dynaview is empty.



We are also finding that when creating sheet sets in the drafting tab, when it gets to creating the dynaview through the process (so where you can select columns and rows for the dynaview placement) it can’t be put into a cutting plane. This workflow seems weird if we are able to achieve this manually in the above workflow.