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Takeoff Question From Our Dealer in Scotland

Question asked by Alan Sharp on Sep 25, 2019
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I got this question the other day from our dealer in Scotland - I thought that it was worth sharing the Question and Answer for all you Takeoff People out there


Here is the Question

Originally I thought the question was about Overex, it was then clarified as follows which was an entirely different issue to address (so that is the background)


Hi Alan,

So I can’t seem to get this command to work when the areas are in fill. Obviously I understand that this command has been designed to over excavate the ground rather than to build on soft ground conditions. What we are doing here is to have certain areas on the site that we say that we cannot just use the clay that was removed from the cut areas on site.


This is a very frequent stipulation in the UK where the client says that any made-up ground under anything like driveways, roads and houses needs to be granular material (often Capping or Type 1 aggregate) whereas any areas of fill (e.g. under footpaths, gardens etc) can just be clay.


As you can see below with a cross section through the attached site I have crudely hatched areas of fill under roads and houses that would need to be granular material rather than clay from the cut areas.


I can get this to work on a corridor but generally we are finding that as this is done at the estimating stage of the project it is preferable to use an area based method using the take-off module.


I attach a project that has foundations and roads in fill. Can you please point in me in the right direction?


I appreciate you are just back from leave so I realize I may have to wait a wee while.


Very many thanks again.