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Why does Earthwork Report calculate Cut/Fill in my boundry incorrectly?

Question asked by Eric Salgado on Sep 26, 2019
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So I've had this problem where on my report it'll show Zero on my cut and fill and it is usually because the line crosses itself, usually happens when im joining up linework. TBC will usually show me where that error is with a blue flag, very helpfull, but on other occasions my Report will spit out a quantity in certain areas within my closed polyline (See image below) When I run a Report with several boundaries it can be easy to miss the fact that one of the boundaries did not calculate correctly. Im just not sure what it could be and why it would only calculate, from what I can tell, a random area.

Both my intial and final surfaces cover the entire boundry area so i should have and isopach for the entire thing. Has anyone had the same issue?