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Catalyst supported apps

Question asked by Aaron Moore on Sep 27, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by Nico Becke

Hi All,


I have a question about supported apps that run off the Trimble mobile manager. Currently we have a Trimble Catalyst DA1 and we are just trying to find an app that will let us mark points for test holes. We have tried using the top apps listed on the site ie. Collector for Esri, Geometius, 3DR ect. as well as a few others. However most of these apps are a all in one solution and are subscription based. As we are already paying for the precision license for the Catalyst itself we are not looking to complicate our setup further by adding another subscription to the process. (We are a small company and we are not surveyors, so most of the features that these apps provide are essentially useless to us). My question is what type of app would you recommend for someone just looking to mark a few test holes and export the information into a .csv or whatever format for later use? Preferably we are looking for either a free app or a one time purchase app that would work well for us.