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Elevation labels in Cross section sheets

Question asked by Mike Kohler on Oct 4, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2019 by CAMERON TOMKINS

I'm having an issue with elevation labels going all the way from zero to my surface elevation, which obviously doesn't fit on the page nor do i want it to. I have had this happen once before and i'm not sure what i did that fixed it. The data is coming from a point cloud that i used to make a top of deck and bottom surface to calc volumes. In order to plot cross sections of it to showcase these with volumes i had to make a corridor. I then used the surface instruction and targeted the 2 surfaces to make a corridor that i can plot. Even when i give the alignment a profile in the elevation range of the surface i still have the issue. I have also tried with multiple cross section drafting templates. What is causing it to think something is at elevation zero, and Is there a way to limit the elevation range shown in the cross sections? I feel like it has to have something to do with using the surface instruction.




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