Andrew Stewart

QR Code for Trimble Connect Hololens (feature request)

Discussion created by Andrew Stewart on Oct 7, 2019

It is possible to log on in TC Hololens using a QR code displayed by the Android version.


Could it also be possible to generate QR codes that can be printed for use in workshops or on location so that a specific view or model can be opened by scanning the code rather than going through a possibly very complex folder structure.


Ideally it should be possible to do this from the web version in a form where a list of codes and the view/model name can be extracted and reformated according to requirements (single code for a location, or table of contents with a list of models, potentially in different projects).


It would also be useful to be able to consume the QR Code in the Trimble Connect Android App.


This question was previously raised by Phan Manh Quyet, but I can no longer locate it.