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Problem with Alignments in 3D View

Question asked by Ben Wall on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by Ben Wall

For some reason I'm having issues with alignments not displaying correctly in 3D view after I edit their stationing.  In some instances the alignments are shown shorter or not at all but in all cases everything looks fine until I manually edit the stationing in the alignments editor.  The plan view remains unchanged.   I've tried closing/reloading the 3D view port with no change.


I build my alignments from polylines provided by the project's engineer that I've raised to grade and then, from them, create my alignments.  I like to use 3D view to double check that everything was created properly before sending to the field, but as you can see below editing the station does not allow this.  See before/after below.



The line above is the alignment after it was edited.  It is shown above and down station of the actual location.  The plan view still shows everything to be fine.


Also, the stationing shown on the vertical alignment editor does not match the stationing on the horizontal.  After I edit the horizontal to match the plans, the vertical still starts at 0+00.  I would think they both should sync up; correct?