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Is there a 3D rotate?

Question asked by ben radford on Oct 14, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2019 by Alan Sharp
3D rotate tool - does it exist?
TBC could have a 3D rotate tool like all 3D CAD packages. But I have not found it. Entities drawn on a vertical cutting plane cannot be output as a flat 2D CAD file because they remain vertical and there is no way to flip them to horizontal, within TBC.  Interestingly, I can use the "mirror" command to flip it 180 degrees in 3D about any line, but can't 3D rotate by a known angle e.g. 90 degrees around a line?
The Transform by points command seems to be the likely candidate but any rotation is just done perpendicular to plan view (in horizontal plane) only.
Is 3D rotate possible Alan Sharp?
It's pretty basic functionality so I feel like I must have missed something.
There don't seem to be any posts on here about it either!
Thanks in advance